Little Red Table

This table is actually my second attempt at chalk paint. I’ll post my first attempt later when I can get some better pictures. I can already see photography is going to be a big challenge for me. I don’t think the iPhone is going to cut it!

Right now, I’m using homemade chalk paint. I’ll post the recipe for that in a separate post. I want to try Annie Sloan but it’s not in the budget now.

This is a little side table I bought at Target back in the 90s when I lived in Baltimore City. I forgot to take before pictures in my excitement to get going on my RED table (I love red!), but it was just a basic brownish-orange with a matching wood pull.

The wood on the table was pretty rough except for the top and front of the drawer but in this case, I wasn’t interested in refinishing it to a high degree. Like I said, it’s just a Target cheapy. I was more interested in how the chalk paint would work on the various surfaces.

This particular batch of paint was more watery than my first attempt, so I had to do multiple coats. I definitely would not use such a watery batch again. Overall, though, I’m pleased with he final look. The pull is so pretty and makes me think of India. The lining paper is from a scrapbooking store and I used decoupage to put that in the drawer.

I finished the table with Johnson’s Wax. I’m still working on getting the buffing technique down. I distressed the paint before waxing. Next time I’ll try distressing after I wax.

This table will live in my upstairs hallway for now.





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