The Barn Show

Yesterday, my mother, my aunt and I went to the thrice yearly Barn Show in Gambrills, Maryland. I’d been planning on going for months but it was extra good because now I could really study how they set things up and get ideas for myself.

Here are some of my favorite pictures I took…


I love the old fan.


See those mason jar ‘wine glasses’? Yeah, i’m totally making some of those. I’ve seen lots of variations of them. So cute!


Loooove this idea. I totally missed grabbing some old ladders at a yard sale recently. Kicking myself now!



Look at the detail on this dresser. Is that stenciled? Handpainted? Glazed? I don’t know, but I am in awe.


Mom loved these butter yellow chairs. I do, too.


Love the dresser, love the jewelry display.


I think I may try this ‘runner’ idea on my booth’s ceiling. And would that be a wooden fruit basket used as a lamp shade? Why yes it would. Love.







Assorted vignettes, and also loving the last pic with the doors removed and baskets inside.

All was not perfect, however. The weather was great but a bit breezy. While in the outside section, the breeze caught a large mirror and deposited it on my right calf. I now have the bruise to end all bruises. Yesterday it hurt a lot, but today it’s much better. Nevertheless, it was a good day and I’ll definitely be going to the next one which is right after Thanksgiving.


I did it!

Today I signed a lease for a booth at an antiques mall in historic Ellicott City. This is a huge step and I’m shaking in my boots, but I have to give this a go.

I’ll write more about it later, but for now, here’s a picture of the space as is that is just being used, I assume, for overstock. On Monday, I can start to move things in though I may not do so until later in the week. It will be totally cleared out for me though.


I need to come up with ‘vignette’ ideas, wall hangings, and even some lighting.

OMG!!! What have I done?!

Mid Week Mid Century Modern

Today I stopped by a different Goodwill and found this awesome MCM chest of drawers by the Virginia furniture maker Basic Witz. Can I just say? I love smart phones. Because I now have one, I was able to quickly look this up and see it was, in excellent condition, worth about $450. I got it for $30! Now, it needs a good refinish, but it is solid.


Right now I’m listing it ‘as is’ because while I’d love to work on it, I’ve got a backlog of painted furniture I need to do and this really ought to be stripped, sanded, stained, etc. If no one grabs it in a couple weeks, I’ll think about refinishing it myself.

I really need to take the plunge and try to get a booth at the local antiques mall. With a good push, I have enough furniture to make a good start. It’s time.

Also? I got some gorgeous fabric for the $8 chair I wrote about in the previous post:


I adore it. I’d even like a skirt made from this! Now I just need to decide what color to paint the chair…

Thrift success

I had a bit of luck today at Goodwill. We actually had a bunch of things to drop off so of course I had to go in and see what else they had.

Once again, there was a substantial piece of furniture I wanted – a chest of drawers with great carved detail, but I’m right at the end of a pay cycle so at $45, even that was too much. However, I did snag this chair. It has surprisingly modern lines but a very old-fashioned seat cover. It was only $8! I’m hitting Jo-Ann tomorrow for fabric inspiration but I’m thinking a modern floral or even geometric.



I also found this bell jar which I am waaaay too excited about! I have no idea what they retail for but I suspect more than $6! I can’t decide if I’m going to sell it, use it at home, or use it to stage the booth I hope to have soon at the antiques mall. Decisions, decisions.


In other news, here’s my latest project. It’s a small dry sink with a copper liner (is that the right term)? I’m going to do a longer post on this piece soon as it had some unique challenges.


Lesson learned

If one should decide to stop by a yard sale, make sure you have cash on you. If you don’t, you WILL lose the $20 secretary desk you wanted. Even if the ATM was only a few minutes drive away and you ran a red light on the way back.


Mid Week Mid Century Modern

First, I just want to apologize. A few of you have left lovely comments for me and I haven’t replied – nor have I noted those of you who featured me in your Link Party round-ups or followed other blogs. I’ve had the worst cold these last few days and I’m totally behind in my web site duties. I’ll try to get caught up soon.

I’m behind on my furniture projects as well. I’m trying to get at least six pieces done before the end of the month and either get into a local antiques depot or sell via consignment.

Anyway, on to today’s feature topic: mid century modern. First, the MCM side table I mentioned in my previous MWMCM post is kicking my butt. I’ve stripped it and painted the portion I wanted to, but the water stain gave me problems. It kept bleeding through the paint. So I had to fix that. Then I started sanding and filling in the chips, but it’s the first time I’ve used POWER tools (sorry, just had to do that!) and I’ve not quite mastered the orbital sander. This became evident when circular marks showed through the stain I applied today. Urgh.

I may have to set it aside and work on something else for a bit.

For my next purchase, I’m considering this if it’s still available:

It’s also got some water damage, but the price is really, really low. So even if I bomb it, like the side table I’m working on, it’s not a huge financial loss and it’ll be a good learning project.

You’ve probably noticed I’m working on mostly small pieces. That’s because my car, a Subaru Outback, is in the shop and I’m not sure when I’ll get it back. So for now, I can only buy what’ll fit in our sedan! So annoying when these practicalities get in the way!


Goin’ Glamorous!

So I guess I need to get this feminine stuff out of my system… at least the pink part of it! I don’t know why my first two completed pieces are pink, but so be it. Fear not, I’ve got cream, orange, teal and many other colors waiting in the wings.

So this is the stool I showed in my previous post. She’s all dolled up now in glossy black and this fabulous, modern print I happened across at Jo-Anne.

This is the easiest revamp I’ve done. The stool was in good condition so I just primed it and spray painted it black. Mom helped me recover the seat which still had the original batting and straw in it. We added a bit more batting to make it a tad more comfy. And that was it!



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