What’s this all about?

This is just a quick post to let any passers-by know a bit about me. I’ve just linked my first piece to some link parties so I thought it couldn’t hurt to do a bit of an intro.

My name is Caryn and I live in the Baltimore metro area. I’m a former graphic designer, design historian, and most recently, art history teacher. I’m the single mother of two awesome little boys and we live with my mother who helps me out here and there with my projects.

My son has some developmental delays which make it hard for me to work full time. He needs to be shuttled to and from a fair number of doctor and therapy appointments. After becoming completely disillusioned with the state of academia, I realized I needed to figure out a way to work from home. I’d had some success on Etsy selling advent calendars and I decided I might be able to take things to a higher level. So, Salvage for the Soul was born. I love old furniture and had always wanted to try refinishing and repainting.

What you can expect here is not just painted furniture though. I have a very eclectic style. I love shabby chic as much as mid-century modern. Unfortunately, I don’t own my home, so you won’t get many posts about redecorating the dining room… at least not to the extent I’d like to! But I will write about the furniture I upcycle, the accessories I find to complement them, and my journey as I try to create a little business for myself so I can better support my family.



4 thoughts on “What’s this all about?

  1. Caryn, so glad to see you in blog world! No, I do not blog, but love reading what others have done whether re-purposing, re-finishing or redecorating!! I, too, am just getting into re-painting and re-purposing stuff. Not sure that I will ever try to sell, but some stuff I have had for 20 years and somethings are in need of a little love!! 🙂 Loved your red table, my color of choice in decorating my home, and the girly night stand is adorable!! I’m looking forward to seeing more makeovers from you!! Stacey

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