The one that got away

I think everyone who likes to junk and thrift has one of these at some point or another, but this one really got me down. Knowing that I need good sources of inexpensive furniture for upcycling, I’ve been exploring the area’s thrift stores and consignment shops. Last weekend I hit the local Salvation Army and found a few pieces worth considering. But what really caught my eye was this awesome mid-century modern chest of drawers.


It was only $60 but it was $60 I didn’t have that day. I did a little quick online research on my iPhone and I was pretty sure I could get a lot more for it, but I had to walk away. Sure enough, it was gone a few days later and then I saw a similar piece selling for $550.

I hate it when that happens.

I probably wouldn’t paint a mid-century piece unless it was in pretty bad shape. But I have seen great examples from folks who have. I’m thinking of featuring some of them in this blog. Maybe a mid-century Monday?


7 thoughts on “The one that got away

  1. Your site looks new, but it looks like you are on your way.

    I have questions. How to you do a quick on-line research? Do you have an app for that? Did it have identifying info? I am always curious about how this is done. I have another question about your site. Did you set up your theme? Would you email me because I have questions about it?

    • Hi, thanks for stopping by! I just used Safari on my iPhone to research. I knew the same of the furniture maker in this case (it was in the drawer).

      The theme is just a WordPress theme. I want to tweak it but I need help myself!

      • I just found lots of youtube that will walk you thru it. I had started with twenty ten theme, but found out it was not responsive so I changed to twenty eleven and then bumped into trouble. I was having trouble changing the black background and wanted to know how you did it, but I have figured it out. Anyway, good luck with your site. Email me if you need help. I don’t really know a lot, but had done copious amount of reading and I am willing to help you out if I know the answer. I had trouble with the child pages, but once I figured out what they were called everything fell into place. If I were in charge I would have called them subpages. lol

  2. Hi, Ive just seen your little pink floral number on Power of Paint its cute. Im new to the whole blog thing too so im stumbling through it. Please pop by http//

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