And we’re off… with a zzzzzz

Both my little guys started school last week but today is their first full week. Their first day last week, I kicked it off with a bad bout of insomnia brought on by what started as ragweed allergies but has now morphed into a cold/cough. I’ve been sick for the whole week now and today, rather than tackling a new piece of furniture, I napped.

All day.

Oh well. I guess I needed it. I did get a chance yesterday to clean and re-arrange our craft room which will be a big help. And over the last week I’ve been making minor changes to this site, researching linky parties, etc.

But overall, I’m making much slower progress than I’d hoped. I did find my better camera so with any luck, I might get some nicer pics from now on. Otherwise I’ll have to add new camera to my list of things I hope I can acquire at some point.

Aside from working on the furniture, I have several other plans for my business. This web site, for example, needs major design tweaking and I also need a proper logo that can be applied to other things like price tags. One big frustration is that I used to be a graphic designer, but I no longer have the software or fonts I’d need to create something I’d be happy with.

Anyway, I’ve got plans… just gotta make ’em happen!



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