Mid Week Mid Century Modern

So I thought that Wednesdays, being the mid week hump, would be a good day to showcase either MCM pieces I’m working on or things I find online that I like.

I was lucky to score a beautiful MCM American Martinsville sidetable via Craigslist this week. In excellent condition, they retail for about $450 but I got it for $40! The lady selling it is also interested in talking to me about her furniture business and finding like-minded folks to get involved with. So it was a good day all around!

Anyway, of course there’s a reason the table was $40 – it has chips in the veneer and it looks like someone kept a plant on the top because it has a terrible black ring on it.

Here’s the table in my backyard where I’d already started stripping it. Yes, I need to mow.

Here is what it can look like (from polyvore.com)

I love the inlaid X details. I think they are metal though they don’t feel that cool to the touch. It’s still a bit of a mystery. Here are a couple more details of my table. The first shows the sad stain. I’ve stripped it in this picture and the black ring is still there. I think it’s embedded in the grain now. The second pic shows the lovely grain of the teak on the lower portion of the table.

So you might be wondering what my plan is with such a bad stain on such a prominent place? Well, yes, I’m going to paint it. But not the whole thing. I hope I can repair the small chips in the veneer (mostly on the edges) on the rest of the table and stain it a bit darker. But for the wood around the drawer, I think I’m going to paint it and maybe stencil it. I’m directly inspired by the work of Caroline Key here. Check out her site, but here are a few highlights:

I just think these are pretty darn amazing. So my current thought is to paint the outer portion of the drawer in orange – similar to the shade above but not the same. I’m not planning on doing the edges at this point but I haven’t decided for sure. I am also thinking of painting the drawer pull orange. To finish it off, I think I’ll paint the legs orange, too. Or maybe half orange for a sort of dipped look. The lower portion of the table surface, assuming I can repair the chips and stain it properly, will stay natural along with the drawer face. If not, I may need to get more creative with paint. I’m also toying with a stencil on the top of the drawer… something definitely MCM. Unfortunately a quick Google tells me those stencils aren’t cheap. Hmmmm. I may have to improvise.

I’m having fun with this, but what makes it even more fun is that my tastes are so ecclectic… along with this MCM piece, I have a small dry sink with a copper liner, a vintage rocking chair I’m adding a ticking cloth cushion to, and an 80s glass-topped table I need to find wallpaper for to put under the glass.

Stay tuned!


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