Thrift success

I had a bit of luck today at Goodwill. We actually had a bunch of things to drop off so of course I had to go in and see what else they had.

Once again, there was a substantial piece of furniture I wanted – a chest of drawers with great carved detail, but I’m right at the end of a pay cycle so at $45, even that was too much. However, I did snag this chair. It has surprisingly modern lines but a very old-fashioned seat cover. It was only $8! I’m hitting Jo-Ann tomorrow for fabric inspiration but I’m thinking a modern floral or even geometric.



I also found this bell jar which I am waaaay too excited about! I have no idea what they retail for but I suspect more than $6! I can’t decide if I’m going to sell it, use it at home, or use it to stage the booth I hope to have soon at the antiques mall. Decisions, decisions.


In other news, here’s my latest project. It’s a small dry sink with a copper liner (is that the right term)? I’m going to do a longer post on this piece soon as it had some unique challenges.



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