Mid Week Mid Century Modern

Today I stopped by a different Goodwill and found this awesome MCM chest of drawers by the Virginia furniture maker Basic Witz. Can I just say? I love smart phones. Because I now have one, I was able to quickly look this up and see it was, in excellent condition, worth about $450. I got it for $30! Now, it needs a good refinish, but it is solid.


Right now I’m listing it ‘as is’ because while I’d love to work on it, I’ve got a backlog of painted furniture I need to do and this really ought to be stripped, sanded, stained, etc. If no one grabs it in a couple weeks, I’ll think about refinishing it myself.

I really need to take the plunge and try to get a booth at the local antiques mall. With a good push, I have enough furniture to make a good start. It’s time.

Also? I got some gorgeous fabric for the $8 chair I wrote about in the previous post:


I adore it. I’d even like a skirt made from this! Now I just need to decide what color to paint the chair…


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