The Barn Show

Yesterday, my mother, my aunt and I went to the thrice yearly Barn Show in Gambrills, Maryland. I’d been planning on going for months but it was extra good because now I could really study how they set things up and get ideas for myself.

Here are some of my favorite pictures I took…


I love the old fan.


See those mason jar ‘wine glasses’? Yeah, i’m totally making some of those. I’ve seen lots of variations of them. So cute!


Loooove this idea. I totally missed grabbing some old ladders at a yard sale recently. Kicking myself now!



Look at the detail on this dresser. Is that stenciled? Handpainted? Glazed? I don’t know, but I am in awe.


Mom loved these butter yellow chairs. I do, too.


Love the dresser, love the jewelry display.


I think I may try this ‘runner’ idea on my booth’s ceiling. And would that be a wooden fruit basket used as a lamp shade? Why yes it would. Love.







Assorted vignettes, and also loving the last pic with the doors removed and baskets inside.

All was not perfect, however. The weather was great but a bit breezy. While in the outside section, the breeze caught a large mirror and deposited it on my right calf. I now have the bruise to end all bruises. Yesterday it hurt a lot, but today it’s much better. Nevertheless, it was a good day and I’ll definitely be going to the next one which is right after Thanksgiving.


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