Sandy! Etsy! Plans!

Well, as if we didn’t have enough excitement here, we’ve had to contend with Hurricane Sandy and our area being shut down for the last 3 days. Don’t get me wrong, we are sooooooo fortunate to not be in NJ or NY, but we had a bit of a wild ride here, that’s for sure.

Our house is surrounded by very tall trees so we really feared one might crash on the house. We spent most of Monday in the one room that we figured was least likely to get hit. We also have a basement, but it’s really gross down there, so that was only for when we got super worried. Fortunately our bit of Maryland did not get quite the high winds that were predicted. We’ve got a lot of debris down but we emerged unscathed and didn’t even lose power!

That said, it’s got me behind again on all things furniture. But obviously, we’re counting our blessings! The boys are on day 3 of no school so we’re all a bit stir crazy. I’m looking forward to getting back to some semblence of normal tomorrow – even if it means I have to work!

One thing I was really worried about was the booth in Ellicott City. That part of town has had HISTORIC floods. I had visions of my whole inventory floating away. Fortunately, the word is the town was largely in good shape. I’ll get to check it out later today I think.

Just before storm prep began, Mom and I happened across this little French Provincial-style beauty at Goodwill:







I’ve got grand plans for her! I found a great example of making Rrench pPovincial very classy… I’ll try to find the link again and update this post… but right now I’m envisioning a champagne metallic gold with a slightly darker glaze over it. I think to retain the French Provincial integrity, I’ll need to keep the handles, so I’ll play with some sort of paint on them but I need to find some replacement ones for the top two drawers. I’m pretty excited!

I think I also mentioned in a previous post that year I sold advent calendars on Etsy. The plan this year was to list a few ‘ready-to-ship’ calendars in order to use up our supplies from last year. Those would be sold at a lower price. If people wanted custom orders, I kept the listings but raised my prices. These are so cute, but they are time consuming and I wasn’t charging a smart price last year. Anyway, we’re working on the ready-to-ship ones to list next week but I’ve already sold TWO custom orders at my new, higher price and I’m super excited because I’m more than happy to make them at my new price. So that’s another project to keep us busy!

Anyway, if you like them, or think someone else might, feel free to pass the link along. We really need the money to pay for our car repairs. Big time. 😦 Last year I sold enough to get an iPad – even at the lower prices! I’ve also got a Facebook page for the calendars which I’m getting ready to go update now. 🙂

And for those of you who haven’t seen it, here’s the link for the Salvage for the Soul Facebook page.

Happy Hallowe’en!


Plugging away…

Sorry for the sounds of silence. I can’t recall if I mentioned or not, but I’ve taken a part time job at Pier One at least for the holidays. Between that, running my kids around, and trying to work on furniture and accessories, my online time has suffered.

For those of you reading, I keep my Facebook page updated a bit more with short comments and new items. Feel free to join me there, too.

In the meantime, here are a few items I’ve recently put in the booth. I’m working on accessories to pull people in but also have a bunch of furniture that still needs painting. Sooo much to do!

I also must find a way to market my stuff better. Craigslist is a pain with all the spammers… Anyway… On to the pics!







Away, away I say!

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my dry sink. I was starting to get annoyed with it, but I’m very happy now. 🙂

I’m off for a few days for my annual trip to Rehoboth Beach with old friends… I hope to recharge and maybe finally kick this cold.

I’ll continue to add the dry sink to some link parties but won’t post again until early next week. I’m really hoping to get a LOT done on the booth next week! I’ve got so many ideas!

Meanwhile, here’s my gorgeous kitty enjoying the stool I revamped!


Saga of a dry sink

I’ll be back with my mid century series next week I hope, but for now, I want to get caught up on some of the other pieces I’ve been working on.

You saw the preview of this dry sink, but here’s the whole story: I bought it at Goodwill for an awesome $10. The whole thing was painted white and appears to be handmade. We also think it’s a child’s because it’s fairly small. When we got home we realized the sink liner (is that the right word?) was actually copper! Who paints copper?!

So begins the multiple attempts to remove the paint. Here you can see me using paint stripper. That worked a bit. Then I tried oven cleaner, and automotive sandpaper, and finally actual copper cleaner. I spent ages on Google looking up different methods. I finally had to accept that it would not all come off without serious damage to the metal and I embraced the patina.



After days of dealing with that, I had to take a break and worked on other pieces. When I returned to it, I’d decided on teal with a dark stain to add age. I made homemade chalk paint, sanded and distressed it so the old white would come through, and then added wood stain to my wax. I found a great new knob at Hobby Lobby and was ready to call it a day. Sorry, I forgot to take pics of most of the process.

Anyway, then I got the idea to découpage the inside. I found pretty paper napkins and did the inside shelf, bottom, and inside door.





Overall, I’m pretty pleased with with it but I’m looking forward to moving on! No more stripping metal!

I’ll be sharing this on some link parties… Links to come asap as the iPad is not coperating with that right now!

Lots happening, more posts to come…


Just a quick update on things here. I’m finally getting over my cold or whatever it was. I’ll spare you the details but this has been ridiculous.

In addition to opening my booth, I took a temp part-time job at Pier One. I like the staff and, of course, loooove a lot of their stuff. But the shift times and logistics (we are still down to one car) are making life very stressful.

Above you can see my new chalkboard sign in my booth. I love it!

Here’s a couple more pics…




The afghans are made by a friend and, you can’t really see them, but there’s an earring tree on the MCM chest with earrings by another friend. She also made the wreath and hopes to make more, some holiday, some not. I’ll write about that collaboration in another post.

I have the chair with the cool red/gray/cream fabric almost ready to go. I’ve also got a rocker coming along…

So much to do!!!