Yeah, well, you know…

First the bad news: I’m STILL sick. I NEVER get sick like this! The meds the doctor gave me gave me bad headaches which turned into migraines so I’ve been useless for the last few days. I’m finally feeling more human today.

This was fortuitous as I had a job interview at Pier One and I got offered a part time position! I’m happy but a little stressed. I need the money (big time), but it’s not what I ideally want to be doing. Plus, I’m so behind on my booth stuff that I wish I could just do that, but there’s no guarantee of income from that yet, so retail it is.

Our biggest problem is that my mother (whom I live with and is a saint to put up with me and the kids) and I are sharing one car right now. We have 2, but one is in the shop. Both need a fair bit of work so my life is full of car stress right now. With one car, a retail job schedule plus getting my boys to and from school, is going to be difficult. Not to mention my ex is a tad behind on the child support

Oh well, this blog will NOT be about that! 😉

So, the good news is that between fits of illness, I did manage to finish my dry sink. Rather than reposting pictures, though, I’m going to be lazy today and direct you to my Etsy shop so you can see it there. The pics aren’t amazing but I think they’ll do.

The sink was purchased at Goodwill and was entirely painted white, even the copper liner! It took a helluva lot of effort to get the paint (mostly) off of that. I think it looks nice now. Lots of patina.

Also, instead of painting the inside, I tried decoupage again. It’s not a wonderful job, but it’s good enough for an interior. Getting everything nice and smooth is evading me, however.

I’m not sure if I’m asking too much for it. Figuring out pricing is tricky.

Tomorrow, finally, I’ll move a few pieces of furniture and some ‘smalls’ (accessories under $20) into the booth. It won’t be the perfect ‘launch’ I’d like to have, but at this rate, I’ll take what I can get! 😀



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