Saga of a dry sink

I’ll be back with my mid century series next week I hope, but for now, I want to get caught up on some of the other pieces I’ve been working on.

You saw the preview of this dry sink, but here’s the whole story: I bought it at Goodwill for an awesome $10. The whole thing was painted white and appears to be handmade. We also think it’s a child’s because it’s fairly small. When we got home we realized the sink liner (is that the right word?) was actually copper! Who paints copper?!

So begins the multiple attempts to remove the paint. Here you can see me using paint stripper. That worked a bit. Then I tried oven cleaner, and automotive sandpaper, and finally actual copper cleaner. I spent ages on Google looking up different methods. I finally had to accept that it would not all come off without serious damage to the metal and I embraced the patina.



After days of dealing with that, I had to take a break and worked on other pieces. When I returned to it, I’d decided on teal with a dark stain to add age. I made homemade chalk paint, sanded and distressed it so the old white would come through, and then added wood stain to my wax. I found a great new knob at Hobby Lobby and was ready to call it a day. Sorry, I forgot to take pics of most of the process.

Anyway, then I got the idea to découpage the inside. I found pretty paper napkins and did the inside shelf, bottom, and inside door.





Overall, I’m pretty pleased with with it but I’m looking forward to moving on! No more stripping metal!

I’ll be sharing this on some link parties… Links to come asap as the iPad is not coperating with that right now!


5 thoughts on “Saga of a dry sink

  1. Oh boy you are giving me ideas for my dry sink. Hmmmmmm! This is such an awesome post. I would love it if you would share this post at our WIW linky party. Hope you can join us. 🙂


  2. Love the color and the napkins for your decoupage were perfect for the sink!! Love it!! The copper liner looks old and used and works well with the distressing, I think.

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