Away, away I say!

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my dry sink. I was starting to get annoyed with it, but I’m very happy now. 🙂

I’m off for a few days for my annual trip to Rehoboth Beach with old friends… I hope to recharge and maybe finally kick this cold.

I’ll continue to add the dry sink to some link parties but won’t post again until early next week. I’m really hoping to get a LOT done on the booth next week! I’ve got so many ideas!

Meanwhile, here’s my gorgeous kitty enjoying the stool I revamped!



Saga of a dry sink

I’ll be back with my mid century series next week I hope, but for now, I want to get caught up on some of the other pieces I’ve been working on.

You saw the preview of this dry sink, but here’s the whole story: I bought it at Goodwill for an awesome $10. The whole thing was painted white and appears to be handmade. We also think it’s a child’s because it’s fairly small. When we got home we realized the sink liner (is that the right word?) was actually copper! Who paints copper?!

So begins the multiple attempts to remove the paint. Here you can see me using paint stripper. That worked a bit. Then I tried oven cleaner, and automotive sandpaper, and finally actual copper cleaner. I spent ages on Google looking up different methods. I finally had to accept that it would not all come off without serious damage to the metal and I embraced the patina.



After days of dealing with that, I had to take a break and worked on other pieces. When I returned to it, I’d decided on teal with a dark stain to add age. I made homemade chalk paint, sanded and distressed it so the old white would come through, and then added wood stain to my wax. I found a great new knob at Hobby Lobby and was ready to call it a day. Sorry, I forgot to take pics of most of the process.

Anyway, then I got the idea to découpage the inside. I found pretty paper napkins and did the inside shelf, bottom, and inside door.





Overall, I’m pretty pleased with with it but I’m looking forward to moving on! No more stripping metal!

I’ll be sharing this on some link parties… Links to come asap as the iPad is not coperating with that right now!

Lots happening, more posts to come…


Just a quick update on things here. I’m finally getting over my cold or whatever it was. I’ll spare you the details but this has been ridiculous.

In addition to opening my booth, I took a temp part-time job at Pier One. I like the staff and, of course, loooove a lot of their stuff. But the shift times and logistics (we are still down to one car) are making life very stressful.

Above you can see my new chalkboard sign in my booth. I love it!

Here’s a couple more pics…




The afghans are made by a friend and, you can’t really see them, but there’s an earring tree on the MCM chest with earrings by another friend. She also made the wreath and hopes to make more, some holiday, some not. I’ll write about that collaboration in another post.

I have the chair with the cool red/gray/cream fabric almost ready to go. I’ve also got a rocker coming along…

So much to do!!!

Yeah, well, you know…

First the bad news: I’m STILL sick. I NEVER get sick like this! The meds the doctor gave me gave me bad headaches which turned into migraines so I’ve been useless for the last few days. I’m finally feeling more human today.

This was fortuitous as I had a job interview at Pier One and I got offered a part time position! I’m happy but a little stressed. I need the money (big time), but it’s not what I ideally want to be doing. Plus, I’m so behind on my booth stuff that I wish I could just do that, but there’s no guarantee of income from that yet, so retail it is.

Our biggest problem is that my mother (whom I live with and is a saint to put up with me and the kids) and I are sharing one car right now. We have 2, but one is in the shop. Both need a fair bit of work so my life is full of car stress right now. With one car, a retail job schedule plus getting my boys to and from school, is going to be difficult. Not to mention my ex is a tad behind on the child support

Oh well, this blog will NOT be about that! 😉

So, the good news is that between fits of illness, I did manage to finish my dry sink. Rather than reposting pictures, though, I’m going to be lazy today and direct you to my Etsy shop so you can see it there. The pics aren’t amazing but I think they’ll do.

The sink was purchased at Goodwill and was entirely painted white, even the copper liner! It took a helluva lot of effort to get the paint (mostly) off of that. I think it looks nice now. Lots of patina.

Also, instead of painting the inside, I tried decoupage again. It’s not a wonderful job, but it’s good enough for an interior. Getting everything nice and smooth is evading me, however.

I’m not sure if I’m asking too much for it. Figuring out pricing is tricky.

Tomorrow, finally, I’ll move a few pieces of furniture and some ‘smalls’ (accessories under $20) into the booth. It won’t be the perfect ‘launch’ I’d like to have, but at this rate, I’ll take what I can get! 😀


I’m here… Barely

So I’ve been sick for over a month. I saw my doc about 2 weeks ago and he said it was just a bad cold with allergies thrown in and to treat accordingly. I’m known for lingering coughs, but by Friday night it felt like it had finally settled in my sinuses. I went to the after hours doc on Sunday and they still just wanted to give me Flonase! I fussed a bit and they relented and also gave me antibiotics. I’m not a big fan, but I know when it’s time.

So by this morning I was feeling better but I’m still far from 100%. The kids were with their dad this weekend, which was good for sleeping, but not so good for other things…

Like, I don’t know, opening my booth this week???!!!


Very behind.

So yeah, the blog is on the back burner for the week. Pics and updates to come!!


This was taken last night when we were driving home. Just thought I’d share. 🙂

PS Thanks for all the positive comments about my booth news. It means a lot!

The Barn Show

Yesterday, my mother, my aunt and I went to the thrice yearly Barn Show in Gambrills, Maryland. I’d been planning on going for months but it was extra good because now I could really study how they set things up and get ideas for myself.

Here are some of my favorite pictures I took…


I love the old fan.


See those mason jar ‘wine glasses’? Yeah, i’m totally making some of those. I’ve seen lots of variations of them. So cute!


Loooove this idea. I totally missed grabbing some old ladders at a yard sale recently. Kicking myself now!



Look at the detail on this dresser. Is that stenciled? Handpainted? Glazed? I don’t know, but I am in awe.


Mom loved these butter yellow chairs. I do, too.


Love the dresser, love the jewelry display.


I think I may try this ‘runner’ idea on my booth’s ceiling. And would that be a wooden fruit basket used as a lamp shade? Why yes it would. Love.







Assorted vignettes, and also loving the last pic with the doors removed and baskets inside.

All was not perfect, however. The weather was great but a bit breezy. While in the outside section, the breeze caught a large mirror and deposited it on my right calf. I now have the bruise to end all bruises. Yesterday it hurt a lot, but today it’s much better. Nevertheless, it was a good day and I’ll definitely be going to the next one which is right after Thanksgiving.

I did it!

Today I signed a lease for a booth at an antiques mall in historic Ellicott City. This is a huge step and I’m shaking in my boots, but I have to give this a go.

I’ll write more about it later, but for now, here’s a picture of the space as is that is just being used, I assume, for overstock. On Monday, I can start to move things in though I may not do so until later in the week. It will be totally cleared out for me though.


I need to come up with ‘vignette’ ideas, wall hangings, and even some lighting.

OMG!!! What have I done?!